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One of the best things about this PhD is that I get to visit loads of museums and call it work. Almost every museum welcomes me in warmly, offers me a cup of tea (and even a biscuit sometimes!), a space to work and then lets me wander around freely afterwards. Many of them are tiny local museums, which people have never come across before, so here I’m going to give a brief account of the museums I visit and what they have to offer, and hopefully encourage anyone reading this to go check them out for themselves 🙂

Totnes Elizabethan House Museum

Allhallows Museum, Honiton

Blandford Town Museum

Red House Museum and Gardens, Christchurch

Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery

Tea: check. Witty archaeology pun on a mug: double check.

Tea: check. Witty archaeology pun on a mug: double check.


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