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Raiding the (Lost) Ark: The Weird and The Wonderful

If there’s one museum I’ve spent more time at than most, it’s Exeter’s Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery (RAMM) and its store: the Ark. Trying to sample almost two hundred Bronze Age metalwork pieces and hoards from a variety of contexts and in countless conditions is no small undertaking, and one for which I’m very fortunate to have the support and interest of the Curator of Antiquities: Tom Cadbury, so I must start by giving a massive thanks to him and the rest of the museum team for so tirelessly accommodating me. (more…)

A Song of Metal and Fire: Games of Stones (Part 2)

Okay so I know part 1 was a bit longer than necessary and basically a self-indulgent recount of how excited I was to look at things and be in Italy, but this second part contains the really good stuff, including smashing swords, casting objects and my failed attempts to convey to Italian children that I could not understand a word they were saying to me. (more…)

A Song of Metal and Fire: Game of Stones (Part 1)

I’m going to disappoint you now – despite what my title may imply, this blog post does not include witty dwarves, dragons, unexpected death twists, or Sean Bean. (more…)