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Point Break: A Broken Sword at Salisbury Museum

You’ll be disappointed to hear that it’s only a quick post from me this time in my desperate attempt to keep up with myself! But never fear, there shall be a lengthy epic in the next couple of weeks! I had been eagerly awaiting my trip to Salisbury Museum for some time – Salisbury is a veritable goldmine of prehistoric material, sitting in the heart of Stonehenge Land (once Disney are done with Star Wars and Marvel, I’m pretty certain this is going to be their next venture) and their possession of a good chunk of Dorset material meant I had a valid excuse to go and enjoy myself in a new place! (more…)

There’s Method In The Fragments

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these – it’s been a busy month – and I’d like to be able to regale you with exciting tales of deciphering archaeological riddles in diaries, saving dismayed damsels-in-distress, and avoiding arrows flying out of walls. My time has unfortunately mostly been spent writing conference papers, intermitted with some more intriguing museum visits. (more…)