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My PhD is Turning Me into a Zombie

It was dark. Having abandoned my glasses I could just make out a faint orange glow from a lantern in the path ahead of me. My face itched from dried blood and my skin prickled as the wind occasionally whipped through my muddy, slashed t-shirt. I heard screams from the unseen longhouse. Trailing a limp leg behind me, I started to utter groans of an undead man and dragged myself towards the noise. I’d been warned that my PhD would zombify me, but I never expected it to actually happen… (more…)

A Time and A Place For Bronzes

The Time: 10:30am, Friday 4th September 2016.

The Place: Lecture theatre E, Boyd Orr Building, Glasgow University.

I was somewhere near the top...

I was somewhere near the top…

Having downed a cup of tea and gobbled up some complimentary biscuits I stood in front of a steadily filling room of people after the mid-morning break. It was day number two of the European Association of Archaeologists conference (more…)