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What is the Bronze Age anyway?

When I was applying for my PhD, Alex (my brother) very kindly offered to read over and comment on my proposal – those of you who know Alex will appreciate the value of this gesture as he tends to avoid engaging in things for which he has no interest! He returned the proposal to me a couple of days later and as I flicked through it I saw no marks, no comments, no alterations, nothing to suggest he had even opened the document. Until, that is, I got to the bottom of the final page and there was a single six word sentence: (more…)

A Group Hug at the Bronze Age Forum

It’s easy to feel relatively isolated when you’re doing a PhD. After all, you are studying a field so niche that no one has ever bothered to do it before, usually for good reason! And there’s only so many times your loving other half will feign interest in a topic that they begrudgingly have to engage with if they want your undivided attention (though I am thankful that Robyn does still do this!) Having another specialist around with whom you can express your research without having to explain the individual aspects is a rare thing. And it is for that reason that events like the Bronze Age Forum (or BAF) are so gratifying. (more…)

From the Depths of the Bloody Pool…

Legend has it that there was once a fierce battle between Viking marauders and the native population somewhere in south-east Dartmoor. It raged on for hours and hours; swords and shields smashed against each other in a scene worthy of Peter Jackson, and much blood was spilled on both sides with hundreds of people left slain. Eventually, however, the natives were victorious, forcing the Vikings to flee back to their longships. There is a “pool”, not much more than a marsh now, said to mark the spot of this battle, from which one might still hear the sounds of the dead and at times it will turn red with the memory of their blood. From this pool in 1854, they retrieved a set of bronze spears… (more…)