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What do we, archaeologists, see as our grand challenges

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Bloggers from all over have put forward a wide range of “Grand Challenges” to archaeologists, presented through Doug’s Archaeology. Having read mine, you might be interested in reading others!

Doug's Archaeology

What are the great challenges of archaeology? At the beginning of the month I sent out a call to see what my fellow archaeobloggers though were the ‘Grand Challenges’ of their archaeology in a blogging carnival. The responses have been amazing or ‘grand’ as Susan at ‘Don’t forget you shovel’ interpreted the phrase into the Irish meaning of the word: ‘So … it’s a word that oils the social wheels, but also establishes the start of a conversation, allowing deeper questions to evolve. It’s a word that can be used to temper the realities of life, where a finished PhD that’s good enough is better than an unfinished one that’s lying in a drawer. It’s a word that can inject hope for the future.’ I think that perfectly encapsulates the responses to this blogging carnival, the start of many conversations,  allowing deeper questions to evolve… hope for the future.


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