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A Whole Blogging Year…

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One year ago today I posted my first blog entry on my PhD research. At the time I didn’t particularly have a clear vision of what I wanted this endeavour to achieve though. One possibility was that my friends and family, who so patiently stare at me when I talk at them, might understand what I do and why; another possibility was that I could begin to get my research accessed by a broader audience. Ultimately, I think I hoped it would provide a much needed relief from the stress of writing the actual PhD by formulating ideas in a (relatively) stress-free environment.

Thirty-six (now thirty-seven!) blog posts later, I think (I hope!) I’ve achieved at least some of this. I don’t post as much as I would like (though some weeks I simply don’t do anything blog-worthy!), but when I do it allows some contemplation on how the PhD is actually progressing and a look back shows just how much I’ve managed to get done – from starting my first experiments, through to analysing various hoards and objects.

The main thing that strikes me though is how much engagement I’ve had.

Likes, comments, messages, shares…

All of it is quiet validation that someone beyond me actually cares about what I’m doing. So, regardless of whether you access these posts through Facebook, Twitter, recommendations from friends, or random Google searches, and regardless of whether you come to read about my research or to see my silly sword-wielding faces, I want to close this (uncharacteristically) short post by thanking you all for the support I’ve received over the last year and hope you continue to follow what I do and how and why over the next year. More research-relevant posts are coming shortly!


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