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I’m Matt, 26 years old, a glutton for academic punishment, a lover of all things Bronze Age, always willing to continue talking even when my friends have lost interest, and never happy unless overwhelming busy.

I have a First class BSc in Archaeology with Forensic Science and a Distinction in MA Archaeology, both undertaken at the University of Exeter. I began my PhD in September 2014 in an academic partnership between the University of Exeter and the University of Bristol. I am based full-time at the University of Exeter and am funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council South, West and Wales Doctoral Training Partnership or AHRC SWW DTP for short! (plus it helps you learn most of the letters in the alphabet along the way!). For those of you who are interested in my research, you can find out more on my Exeter profile page:


or see some of my publications and general academic interests on Academia:


I’m always happy to speak to people so feel free to leave comments or get in touch via Twitter


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