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Creative Destruction

I recently finished a fictional novel called “Us” by David Nicholls. This book has nothing to do with the Bronze Age (Believe it or not, I sometimes have other interests!) It is about a man called Douglas having a mid-life crisis. His wife (Connie) is about to leave him, in part because of his tumultuous relationship with their son (Albie). Douglas and Albie are two very different people and throughout the book he recalls anecdotes that emphasise this. (more…)

Fragments of the PAS: Somerset

And so I reach the final of my four counties: Somerset. Again, it is a diverse environment, some parts flooding heavily, contrasted by upland areas which served as centres for barrow cemeteries and monuments, as well as embanked settlements that acted as precursors for hillforts. Inevitably the character of metalwork recovered through the PAS differs from the previous counties presented: there’s less gold than Dorset, fewer ingots than Devon, more spearheads than Cornwall. (more…)

Fragments of the PAS: Devon

Approximately 50 findspots have been recorded through the PAS for Devon, comprising around 100 objects. This includes fragments of all types of objects, including sword, spears, axes and other tools, from a variety of contexts. (more…)

Fragments of the PAS: Cornwall

Cornwall. It’s a weird and wonderful place, and not quite like anywhere else I’ve ever been, ranging from harsh, barren moorlands to stunning coastal scenes. Sitting at the tip of the South West peninsula, it’s the first of the counties in my blog series on the PAS material from my study region. (more…)