A Life In Fragments

A Life In Fragments

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Hello and welcome to A Life In Fragments. I’m Matt, a PhD student at Exeter and Bronze Age metalwork enthusiast. I’m studying the intentional destruction of Bronze Age metal objects in South West England and using this website to chart my PhD research and progress so to find out what I’m doing and how and why click here. I spend a lot of time travelling to museums to look at finds so I’ll also be giving some brief info about the museums I visit to hopefully encourage others to go check out some of the undiscovered gems in the South West counties. Occasionally I might go off on some PhD-related tangents about what life is like, but most importantly, there will simply be lots of stuff on Bronze Age metalwork and my general antics doing Bronze Age and PhD things.


Exhibit A

So please explore around – I’ll be adding useful and interesting things fairly regularly. Feel free to leave comments, tweet me or get in contact however you see fit – I’ll gladly chat with anyone and everyone!

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